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Timeline / 8 Weeks
Tools / Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, After Effects
Semóye [sa-mai-yuh] is a one day conference touring in parks across British Columbia, Canada on the topic of language diversity. The conference is targeted towards educators and caretakers who want to better accommodate multilingual students and advocate for the protection of endangered languages. In a blend of storytelling, workshops, and lectures, the speakers provide content designed to support, inspire, and empower curious individuals. 

Spread the word

Semóye translates to ‘bumblebee’ in Halq'eméylem, an endangered language native to the Stó:lô Nation in British Columbia, Canada. In the First Nations community, the bumblebee represents honesty and willingness to serve the community above all else. This conference name ties in an endangered language using the word for an endangered animal, and allows attendees to learn part of a new language in a more approachable way.

A conference for educators, by educators

The 2023 schedule includes 6 speakers with knowledge on language preservation, literacy development, social cognition, and indigenous language. Their unique education experience makes for hands-on learning from those who understand the classroom best.

Merch with purpose

The conference merchandise was designed with longevity in mind. The story bundle features supplies which can be used at the conference and beyond for items that align with the conference values and won’t just be thrown away after the event. 


Stories are a force of nature

The conference takes place in parks across B.C. which allows particpants to better connect with indigenous knowledge systems which are often deeply connected to the natural world. For example, in the workshop with speaker Jo-Ann Archibald, participants would learn how to incorporate storytelling in the classroom to strengthen understanding.


How might we create an education conference that advocates for the integration of endangered languages in public school curriculum?

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