Summer Eyes is an award winning Alternative/Indie duo from Abbotsford, Canada. I served as creative director during the release of their debut album Bending Towards the Sun. The project included leading a social media campaign, designing album art, photography, copywriting, designing and screen printing merchandise, and directing music videos.
Social media content made up the bulk of the project. I created teasers, filmed interviews, made behind the scenes content, and promoted live performances. Summer Eyes released 4 singles leading up to the album; each was assigned a unique symbol which subtly referenced a lyric in the song. The symbols then came together to create this geometric visual identity which I used throughout the teasers, merchandise, and advertising.
In collaboration with Vancouver artist Scott Radnidge, I created the album art for 2 of their singles and their debut album Bending Towards the Sun. The artworks were selected based on our initial moodboard and cropped for the covers. Then, I used the remaining artwork in a series of teasers that revealed the full image.
I designed a tee shirt and sticker based on the geometric symbols assigned to each single. I also made their first run of merchandise by hand and learned how to screen print in the process.
I attended three of their live performances and took photos. This was my first experience with concert photography. 
This is the first video I created with Summer Eyes which I directed, filmed, and edited myself. I chose this location to mimic a dream-like memory in which I imagined the band was recalling.
The video for Another Life was created entirely using Wii Music. I designed Mii characters to look like the band members and recorded them playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star dozens of times and edited it to appear as though the band was performing their own song. I used this nostalgic video game setting to match the dynamic synthesizer sound heard in the song.
At the beginning of the project, I hosted a design workshop where we honed in on the band's collective vision. From our initial meeting, I identified their core values and project goals, created a rough schedule, and put together a moodboard. This became the framework that we worked with throughout the project to ensure we were creating content that aligned with the band's values and creative vision.
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